Departmental mailing lists

The department maintains a number of e-mail lists: please use the list that reaches just your intended audience. The membership of each list is listed below. To send a message to one of them, use the name given below with

ling-ugrad      All linguistics majors + Narda Wakoluk

ling-grad      All and only linguistics graduate students

ling-perm        All permanent linguistics faculty + Michelle McBride and Narda Wakoluk

ling-pc             ling-perm – the department chair (i.e. Joe Pater is not on it) and – Michelle McBride

ling-fac            ling-perm + emeriti and visiting faculty

ling-adjunct    Allied faculty in other departments

ling-visitor      Visiting scholars

ling-dept         ling-ugrad + ling-fac + ling-grad + ling-adjunct + ling-visitor (please use only if you intend to reach all of these)

ling-alum        Alumni of the graduate program

ling-colloq       ling-dept + some others interested in our colloquium series (please use only for colloqs)

ling-whisc        ling-dept + others interested in our newsletter, including the dean (we use it only for UMLAUT)

Besides the above lists, there are also the area lists, like ling-phonology and ling-semantics. To sign up for one of these, go to

And also the cognitive science mailing lists, which are mostly used for a weekly newsletter on UMass CogSci events:

These “Google Groups” mailing lists are easy to set up and maintain – see the instructions here: