CVs and webpages

Piece of advice #1 for both the cv and webpage: have one!
#2: Keep them up-to-date!


Grad school CV categories handout

(Based on material from Karen Kelsky

Ivy Hauser’s current cv – admirably straightforward and well-organized


It’s now extremely easy to set up and maintain a website. One option is to use WordPress, which is run on the UMass blogs system. Here is a simple example using the UMass Amherst theme. See the video below for an introduction to using blogs. The folks at the Instructional Media Lab are very helpful (e.g. quick turnaround on e-mails). You can export your blog when you leave, but importing it into a new installation looks like it can be tricky.

There are also various other ways of setting up your own site that don’t involve .html coding. GoogleSites, Markdown languages…

Discussion topics

Dissemination of work: Archives, UMLAUT, social media.



This video explains how to set up your blog and customize its appearance, create and edit posts and pages, and insert media into a page. To access your blog, log into