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Akkus presents at ICKL-5

Faruk Akkus presents two talks at the 5th International Conference on Kurdish Linguistics (ICKL-5), virtually held at the University of Graz, September 24-25, 2021. The titles of the talks are as follows:

Faruk Akkus, Mohammed Salih (UPenn), and David Embick (UPenn). Cross-referencing oblique arguments in Kurdish varieties.

Songul Gundogdu (Mus Alparslan University), Faruk Akkus:  On periphrastic “give” causative in Kurmanji Kurdish and Sason Arabic

Akkus publishes at Linguistic Inquiry

Faruk Akkus’ paper titled “Evidence from Sason Arabic for Ā-Movement Feeding Case-Licensing Relations” appears at Linguistic Inquiry. The abstract of the squib is as follows:

This squib presents an argument for a locality-based, Case-theoretic licensing approach to configurations in which certain positions cannot be occupied by overt material at Spell-Out. Investigating an indirect causative construction in Sason Arabic, I demonstrate that the embedded agent is separated from its licenser by a phase domain, and as such cannot be Case-licensed. Ā-movement makes licensing possible, placing the embedded agent and its licenser in a local configuration. I also show that this approach fares better than alternative hypotheses such as the Exfoliation account or a PF-based account.