Linguistics and Anthropology

We are not accepting any new Ling/Anthro majors as of Fall 2023. Please talk to your advisors about either double majoring in both Linguistics and Anthro, or majoring in one and minoring in the other, or other possibilities.

Note (Aug. 24, 2023): the requirements listed in the ARR on SPIRE are outdated. Please follow the ones listed below and work with your advisor.

A minimum of 42 credits in Linguistics and Anthropology including all of the following:

  • ANTHRO 102 Archaeology and Prehistory or ANTHRO 103 Human Origins and Variation
  • ANTHRO 104 Culture, Society and People
  • ANTHRO 105 Language, Culture and Communication
  • LINGUIST 201 How Language Works:  Introduction to Linguistic Theory
  • LINGUIST 401 Introduction to Syntax
  • Two of the courses below, at least one which must be 400-level
    • LINGUIST 390A Fundamentals of Speech Sounds
    • LINGUIST 402 Speech Sounds and Structure
    • LINGUIST 414 Introductory Phonetics for Linguists

One of the following anthropology courses:

  • ANTHRO 270 North American Indians
  • ANTHRO 271 Human Evolution

One of the following field methods courses:

  • ANTHRO 360 Research Methods in Linguistic Anthropology
  • ANTHRO 394RI Ethnography in Action (not currently offered)
  • LINGUIST 404 Field Methods

One of the following Comparative & Historical Linguistics courses:

  • LINGUIST 150 Language in Time (note: this is a historical linguistics course, but designed for students who haven’t yet taken LINGUIST 201)
  • LINGUIST 495C Morphology (not regularly offered)
  • LINGUIST 505 Historical Linguistics (not regularly offered)
  • Consult with your advisor for other possible courses

One of the following courses in Language and Society:

  • ANTHRO 2xx/3xx Language and Health
  • LINGUIST 389 Introduction to African American English

One of the following courses in Primate Behavior, Prehistory, or Archaeology:

  • ANTHRO 269 North American Archaeology
  • ANTHRO 317 Primate Behavior

Two electives:
Two additional three-credit courses in Linguistics or Anthropology numbered 200 and above.

Integrative Experience requirement:

Take one of the following Anthro or Linguistics IE courses:

  • Anthro IE courses: ANTHRO 394AI, 394EI, 394RI, 494BI, 494RI, 494PI, 494CI
  • Linguistics IE courses: LINGUIST 389, 394BI, 404, 412

Junior Year Writing requirement:
The Junior Year Writing (JYW) requirement is met by taking ANTHRO 364 or LINGUIST 305.  The Junior Year Writing requirement does not need to be satisfied in your junior year.

Common requirements for all majors:
A grade of C or better must be earned in any course used to satisfy major requirements.

College of Humanities and Fine Arts requirement:

  • Foreign Language: All students must demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language at the intermediate level.

University Graduation requirements:

See the New Student Orientation and Transition’s Requirements page for more details about University graduation requirements, including General Education requirements.