UMass at WSCLA 2023 (McGill)

WSCLA 2023 at McGill University

UMass was well represented at this year’s Workshop on Structure and Constituency in Languages of the Americas (WSCLA 2023), held April 28-30 at McGill University.

Work by current and former UMass folks included:

  • Seth Cable and James Crippen, “Stative Marking in Tlingit: Evidence for the Complexity of States”
  • Amy Rose Deal and Justin Royer, “Mayan Animacy Restrictions and Dynamic Interaction”
  • Emily Elfner, “Re-Examining Default-to-Opposite Stress in Kwak’wala”
  • Suzi Lima & Pedro Mateo Pedro, “Itzaj is a Classifier-for-Numerals Language”
  • Andrew McKenzie, “Polysynthesis and the Division of Labor in Grammar”
  • Rose Underhill, Anne Bertrand, and Terrance Gatchalian, “A Typology of Roots in Ktunaxa”