UMass linguists and alumni at AMP 2022

This year’s Annual Meetings on Phonology (AMP) was hosted by UCLA October 21–23. The Annual Meetings on Phonology began as Phonology 2013 here at UMass.

Faculty member Gaja Jarosz gave a keynote address, Generalizing from Inconsistent Data: How Much do Exceptions Count?

Presentations from current students, faculty, and alumni included:

  • Alessa Farinella presented “Prosodic constituency in Tagalog”
  • Cerys Hughes presented “Probing a Neural Network Model of Sound Change for Perceptual Integration”
  • Brandon Prickett (PhD 2021) presented “Is Sour Grapes Learnable? A Computational and Experimental Approach”
  • Seung Suk Lee, Cerys Hughes, Alessa Farinella and Joe Pater presented “Learning stress with feet and grids”
  • Aleksei Nazarov (PhD 2016) and and Brian Smith (PhD 2015) presented “Generalizing French schwa deletion: the role of indexed constraints”
  • Anne-Michelle Tessier (PhD 2007), Karen Jesney (PhD 2011), Kaili Vesik, Roger Lo and Marie-Eve Bouchard presented “The Productive Status of Canadian French Liaison: Variation across Words and Grammar”