Incoming class 2022

We are happy to introduce you to our very accomplished incoming class!

Ali Nirheche

I’m Ali, from Morocco. My research focuses on Moroccan Arabic. My interests are in the phonology / morphology interface; more specifically, my recent work focuses on non-concatenative morphology in Moroccan Arabic. I also have interests in other fields like geography, economics and entrepreneurship. I have several hobbies, some of which are traveling, hiking, and tennis. 

Yi-Shih (Helen) Chen

Hello! I am Helen (she/her), or Yi-Shih (in Chinese). Please call me by one of the two names which is the most convenient for you! I come from Taiwan, and I mainly work on formal semantics and generative syntax of Taiwan Mandarin. Before attending NTHU (National Tsing Hua University) linguistics for my master’s degree, I spent my undergrad years in NTU (National Taiwan University) physics, atmospheric sciences and geography. I have always been fascinated by the most theoretical and fundamental aspects of natural science, so I am also deeply attracted by the most theoretical and fundamental aspects of linguistics, especially the connection of formal semantics with logic.

Mariana Calderón

I’m Mariana (she/her), from Guadalajara, Mexico, a beautiful city with lots of tasty food. I did my undergrad and my MA in Mexico City, where I started to study Zapotecan languages (Otomanguean) and became interested in syntax and the syn-sem interface (mainly the verbal domain). Besides linguistics, I love dancing, doing yoga, chatting, laughing, and hunting for picture books.

Satoru Ozaki

My name is Satoru Ozaki (he/him) and I was born in Japan. I’m interested in syntax, psycholinguistics and machine learning. Outside of linguistics, I like eating sandwiches and listening to electronic music.

Suet-Ying Lam

Hi everyone, I am Suet-Ying (she/her). I am originally from Shenzhen, China, a city that is very close to Hong Kong. I attended high school and college in Hong Kong anyway. I mainly work on psycholinguistics, and at the same time have a great interest in syntax. When I’m not working on linguistics, I enjoy hiking (given that Hong Kong has too many mountains) and playing games that can run on my poor pc (for example, I earned four stars in every level of overcooked2).