Angelika Kratzer is this year’s John Locke Lecturer (April 27- June 1)

Angelika Kratzer will give this year’s John Locke Lectures at Oxford University:

As the website explains, “most of the greatest philosophers of the last half century have been Locke Lecturers”. Looking back over the years, it seems that Angelika is the second linguist(philosopher) who has been invited (the last one was in 1968-69). There will be a total of six lectures (April 27-June 1) and the overall title is ‘Reports of what we say, know, or believe’.

Lecture 1 ‘The puzzles: What we are trying to understand’ 

Lecture 2 ‘Reporting what we say’

Lecture 3 ‘Modal building blocks’

Lecture 4 ‘Reporting what we know’

Lecture 5 ‘Reporting what we believe’

Lecture 6 ‘Towards a typology’ 

For those of us unfortunately not in Oxford at that time, note that the website includes links to recordings of past lectures and handouts. Hopefully, we will be able to virtually enjoy Angelika’s presentation.