Shay Hucklebridge on panel on technology and language revitalization

Shay Hucklebridge will participate as a panelist on a meeting on technology and language revitalization hosted by Memorial University. The meeting will focus on how to use new learning technology in communities. When: May 13 (10:30-5:30 Newfoundland time, one and half hours ahead of MA). Where: Memorial University (via Zoom). Follow this link to register (more information can be found on the poster below):


•   Lydia Tuglavina (Happy Valley-Goose Bay) and Alana Johns (University of Toronto) will speak about Inuttitut master-apprentice style learning with Zoom.
•    Owennatekha Maracle (Onkwawenna Kentyohkwa), Kyle Napier (Northwest
Territory Métis Nation & University of Alberta), Chris Douglas (Pirurvik Centre, Iqaluit), and Nick Welch (Memorial University) will be featured on mid-day panel discussing how to use new learning technology in communities. Also contributing to this panel will be linguists Shay Hucklebridge (University of Massachusetts Amherst) and Luke West (Florida State University).
•    Other speakers will include Ryan DeCaire (Onkwawenna Kentyohkwa & University of Toronto) on adult acquisition; Marie-Odile Junker and Cécile Planchon from Carleton University on remote documentation, and Jordan Lachler (University of Alberta) on telerevitalization. Also speaking will be Chris Harvey (Stockbridge-Munsee Community Linguist) and Claire Bowern (Yale University Historical Linguist).