Incoming class of 2021

We are delighted to introduce to you our very accomplished incoming class! Here they are:

  • Özge Bakay, who says:
    “I am Özge (she/her) from Istanbul, Turkey (although originally from Bursa, known as “the green city of Turkey”). I mainly work on Turkish and Laz and I really enjoy psycholinguistics and prosody. Also, I can’t help thinking about how to learn more stuff about computational linguistics, especially during the times when I am not even supposed to be thinking such as during shavasana, which is basically at the end of my every single yoga practice.”
  • Peyton Deal, who says:
    “I’m Peyton (he/him), and I’m from Minnesota. I work mainly on Māori and other Polynesian languages. Several of my interests are phonology, phonetics, metathesis, and vowel hiatus. My hobbies include brutalist architecture and nature walks, and I like to read poetry, fiction, and sci-fi.”
  • Eva Neu, who says:
    “I’m Eva and I focus on syntax and the syn-sem interface. I did my undergrad in Berlin before getting a Master’s in Linguistics and a British accent at UCL. I like dance and yoga, continental philosophy and obsessing about punctuation. My pronouns are she/her.”
  • Breanna Pratley, who says:
    “Hi! I’m Breanna! I come from a small town in Ontario, Canada whose slogan is “It’s worth the drive”. I work on psycholinguistics, formal syntax, and their interface. I also like glitter, dinosaurs, and overenthusiastically decorating my planner. My pronouns are she/her.”