UMass linguists at SALT 31

Brown University will host the 31st meeting of Semantics and Linguistic Theory (virtually) on May 7-9. You will find the program here.

UMass linguists past and present will participate (see details below), with Seth Cable giving one of the invited plenary talks: Two Paths to Habituality: The Semantics of ‘Habitual Mode’ vs. ‘Imperfective Mode’ in Tlingit

In addition to SALT, this year will also have SALT(ED): a workshop on inclusive teaching in semantics organized by the SALT Equity and Diversity committee. Lisa Green will be one of the workshop panelists.

The Pop-Up Mentoring Program sponsored by the LSA’s Committee on Gender Equity in Linguistics will hold mentoring sessions at SALT.

UMass linguists (working with colleagues) at SALT 31:

Luis Alonso-Ovalle and Justin Royer: Modality in the nominal domain: The Chuj yalnhej + wh series

Andrea Beltrama and Florian Schwarz: Imprecision and speaker identity: How social meaning affects pragmatic reasoning

Justin Bledin and Kyle Rawlins: About what about: Topicality at the semantics-pragmatics Interface

Maria Biezma, Bettina Braun and Angela James: Prosody is adding what?

Kajsa Djarv and Maribel Romero: (Non-)factive islands from (non-)necessary triviality

Hary Chow and Marcin Morzycki: Zero, measurement, and nominal semantics in Cantonese