UMass linguists and alumni at AMP 2020

This year’s Annual Meetings on Phonology (AMP) will be zoomed from UCSC, Sep 18–20. The Annual Meetings on Phonology began as Phonology 2013 here at UMass.

Anne-Michelle Tessier (PhD 2007) will deliver a keynote talk: “Learning French liaison with Gradient Symbolic Representations: Child errors, adult wug-tests, predictions and consequences”. This is joint work with Karen Jesney (PhD 2011).

Emily Elfner (PhD 2012) will facilitate a workshop on intonational fieldwork with Anja Arnhold.

Students, faculty, and alumni will present talks and posters:

  • Michael Becker will present “The incoherent stress system of Kuikuro” with Bruna Franchetto & Andrija Petrovic
  • Bethany Dickerson will present “Investigating phonotactic illusions with an auditory lexical decision task”
  • Brandon Prickett & Gaja Jarosz will present “Modeling the acquisition of phonological interactions: Biases and generalization”
  • Elliott Moreton (PhD 2002), Brandon Prickett, Joe Pater & Lisa Sanders will present “Learning reduplication, but not syllable reversal” with Katya Pertsova and Josh Fennell
  • Andrew Lamont will present “Sidestepping the problems of alignment in iterative footing”