Cycle Linguists webchat launches

Mara Breen (Mt. Holyoke) and Brian Dillon (UMass Linguistics) are hosting the first ever Cycle Linguists web chat on 6/22. The Cycle Linguists is an occasional psycholinguistics oriented webchat in the Virtual CUNY style. The first webchat will feature Yujing Huang and Fernanda Ferreira, presenting a talk entitled “Lingering misinterpretations of garden-path sentences: Incorrect syntactic representations or fallible memory processes?’ with after-talk discussion led by Maayan Keshev (Tel Aviv) and Patrick Sturt (Edinburgh). To register, click here: , and for more announcements, follow @cyclinglings on Twitter!

This is an experimental webchat, but is hopefully the first in a series. Mara and Brian would be very happy for any local volunteers who would like to get involved in hosting or organizing the webchats! Please get in touch if you are interested.