UMass linguists and alumni at AMP 2019

UMass was well represented at the Annual Meetings on Phonology (AMP) at Stony Brook University, Oct 11-13. Several current students gave presentations:

  • Ivy Hauser presented “Coarticulation with alveopalatal sibilants in Mandarin and Polish: Phonetics or phonology?”
  • Leland Kusmer presented “Khoekhoegowab tone sandhi and extended projections”
  • Max Nelson presented “Learning and generalizing phonotactics with recurrent neural networks”
  • Brandon Prickett presented “Unconstrained Variables Oversimplify Phonotactic Learning”

Presentations by alumni included:

  • Shigeto Kawahara (PhD 2007) presented “Do Japanese speakers always prosodically group wh-elements and their licenser? Implications for Richards’ (2010) theory of wh-movement” with Jason Shaw (Yale University) and Shinichiro Ishihara (Lund University)
  • Aleksei Nazarov (PhD 2016) presented “Bedouin Arabic multiple opacity with indexed constraints in Parallel OT”
  • Maria Gouskova (PhD 2003) presented “Clusters or complex segments? A learnability approach” with Juliet Stanton (New York University).

Among the organizers were Michael Becker (PhD 2009) and Ellen Broselow (PhD 1976).