Group Project

All group projects for "Metamaterials" were evaluated by the students taking the same class regarding learning effectiveness, creativity, and visual/sound effects.


Auxetic Matamaterials
Taylor Quinn, Joe Hynes, Tim Joyce

Thermal Applications of Metamaterials
Stephen Fink, Kevin Chiu

Meta-Fluids: A pendamode material
Ryan Stacy, Erik Strout

Hiding Heat Signatures Using Metamaterials
Michael Patullo, Zach Mackechnie

Pressure Waves and Acoustic Metamaterials
Carmine Taglienti, Miguel Novo, Julio Aparicio

Lightweight High Strength Mechanical Metamaterials
Sean Roda, Daniel Sheahan, Angel Alejandro

Negative Poisson's Ratio (Auxetic) Materials
Rhett Davis, Michael Faucher, Victor Champagne


Photolithography: How it works (YouTube)
Tiffany Hua, Andi Li, Yuanfeng Liu (Group D)

Principle of Semiconductor Laser (YouTube)
Rui Cao, ShaoYu Chen, Wanting Xie (Group F)

Photolithography (YouTube)
Gavin Adams, Phillip DiMuzio, Cameron Jones (Group A)

3D Fabrication via Photolithography (YouTube)
Eric Baggen, Mankit Chow, Brian Gendron, Gina Georgadarellis (Group B)

Photolithography: Step by Step (YouTube)
Dan Bennett, Timothy Eikenberry, Conrad Mish (Group C)

Photonic Crystals: Working Principle (YouTube)
Nariman Banaei, Anita Dey, Sunilkumar Khandavalli (Group G)

Photonic Crystal: Basic (YouTube)
Thomas Brennan, Jason Leland, Matthew Skinner, Brian Stiles (Group H)