Research Gallery

Dynamically-tunable plasmonic thermal emitter is demonstrated by Jae-Hwang Lee, Amir Kazemi Moridani, and co-workers using periodic metallic microstructures that are fabricated by strain-induced buckling on highly deformable substrates.

Penetration of the Strongest Material: An approximately 80 nm thick multilayer graphene membrane was penetrated by a 3.7 um diameter sphere moving at nearly one kilometer per second (illustrated as a red sphere at the same scale of the image).  The great strength and high modulus of the graphene delocalizes the incident kinetic energy over an extensive damage area leading to the outstanding impact energy absorption.

Order in Chaos: A carbon nano-frame film of a diamond-like symmetry is shaped to a cylindrical pillar by removing all area except the circular region using focused ion beam milling. (Lee, Jae-Hwang)

Small Bang:  Silica beads (2.5um dia) and laser absorber (blue dye) are mixed and are two-dimensionally confined by two glass plates for intense laser excitation. Supersonic blast waves and scattered beads (~3Km/sec) are imaged by a femtosecond probe beam 95 ns after the excitation. (Lee, Jae-Hwang)

Sudden Change: A self-assembled block copolymer (PS-b-PDMS) composite, highly ordered along the vertical direction, is impacted by a 3.7 um diameter micro-bullet, and shows extensive kink deformation and shear bands (Lee, Jae-Hwang).