Intro. Mater. Sci. (201)

Introduction to Materials Science (MIE 201)

Dr. Jae-Hwang Lee
Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
313 ELAB I                                 Email:

Course Goals
– Rationalize the design of materials structure and its impact on observed properties.
– Identify various structures in all classes of inorganic materials.
– Define crystal structures and identify phases using characterization methodologies.
– Describe the role of defects on materials properties at the atomic and microstructure scales.
– Explain the basic concepts of diffusion.
– Understand phase transformations in materials through phase diagrams and microstructures.
– Describe various forms of materials processing.
– Understand and explain the fundamentals behind mechanical, thermal, electrical, optical, magnetic, and chemical properties


MIE 201Syllabus Spring 2017