Metamaterials (597/697MM)

M&I-ENG 597MM: Special Topics – Metamaterials


Instructor: Jae-Hwang Lee, Assistant Professor
313 ELab
Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Tuesday & Thursday 2:30pm – 3:45pm

 Structuring of materials at the micro-/nano-scale has become a standard method for creating optical, thermal, acoustic, and mechanical properties, which are not possible by traditional stochastic material processing. The new materials created by the deliberate control of their structures have been called “metamaterials” and will play a critical role in the development of future high-performance materials. The aim of the course is to provide multidisciplinary knowledge for understanding metamaterials with selected applications. Since lectures will be given at undergraduate sophomore level, this course will be particularly useful for both undergraduate and graduate students, who want to learn these latest advancements in materials science and engineering without special prerequisites.

No textbook required.

Primary Course Materials:  PowerPoint Slides. No required textbook.

Recommended prerequisites: General Physics, Calculus

Topics:  Concept of metamaterials/ Basic Photonics / Basic Electromagnetism & Optics / Optical Properties of Materials / Photonic Crystals and Electromagnetic Metamaterials / Plasmonics / Phononic Crystals and Mechanical Metamaterials / Micro/Nano-Fabrication Techniques / Characterization Techniques for Metamaterials / Basic Numerical Methods / Special Topics and Contemporary Issues

Useful Reference Texts:
– Photonic Crystals, 2nd Ed. Joannopoulos, et al. Princeton University Press (2008).
– Periodic Materials and Interference Lithography, Maldovan & Thomas, Wiley (2009).
– Fundamentals of Photonics, 2nd Ed. Saleh & Teich, Wiley Interscience (2007).
– Optics, 4th Ed. Hecht, Addison Wesley (2002).
– Solid State Physics, Ashcroft and Mermin, Saunders College Publishing (1976).
– Metamaterials, Engheta and Ziolkowski, John Wiley & Sons (2006).

0. Introduction
– Concept of metamaterials
– Interaction of quanta with periodic materials.
1. Basic Photonics
– Photons
– LED & Lasers
– Detectors
– Optical waveguides
2. Basic Electromagnetism & Optics
– Maxwell equations
– Fresnel’s equations
– Diffraction and interference
3. Optical Properties of Materials
– Optical waves in non-conducting medium
– Optical activity
4. Photonic Crystals and Electromagnetic Metamaterials
– Dispersion and band structures
– Photonic band structures
– Symmetry and Bloch’s theorem
–  Engineered defects and applications
5. Plasmonics
– Optics of metals and plasmon
– Applications
6. Phononic Crystals and Mechanical Metamaterials
– Stress-strain relationship
– Elastic waves in fluids and solids
– Elastic wave propagation in periodic solids
– Phononic band structures
– Applications
7. Micro/Nano Fabrication Techniques
– Standard lithographic techniques
-Nonconventional fabrication techniques
8. Characterization Techniques for Metamaterials
– Optical characterization
– Acoustic characterization
– Thermal characterization
9. Basic Numerical Methods
– Finite difference time domain (FDTD)
– Transfer matrix method (TMM)
10. Special Topics and Contemporary Issues

Grading:  Midterm 20%; Final 20%; Group project 40%; Attendance 20%.

*This course will follow the academic honesty policy.