Oct. 22: Amir and Wanting present posters in NEW Mech at Harvard

20161022_NEW-MechNEW Mech at Harvard University

P12: Amir Kazemi Moridani – UMass Amherst

“Spectrally-engineered Polarized Thermal Emitters for IR Applications”

Periodic microstructures using nickel and gold depoition are fabricated on an elastomeric substrate by use of strain-induced buckling of the metallic layers. The intrinsically low emissivity of gold in the mid-infrared range is selectively enhanced by surface plasmonic resonance at the three different mid-infrared wavelengths, 4.5 µm, 6.3 µm, and 9.4 µm. Moreover, as the emission enhancement effect exists only for the polarization perpendicular to the orientation of the microstructures, substantially polarized thermal emission of an extinction ratio close to 3 is demonstrated.

P25: Wanting Xie – UMass Amherst

“Parametric Single Micro-Particle Impact Study in Cold Spray”

Laser induced single particle impact experiments were conducted to study the extreme dynamics of aluminum 6061 particles during individual impacts, and to provide precisely defined critical parameters for cold spray simulations. Single aluminum particles around 20um in diameter were accelerated up to 1km/s using high-power laser ablation. Accurate kinetic information of the impacting aluminum particles was acquired from the high-speed photographs. Cross sections were performed by FIB to investigate the microstructural change of the particle and the target under high-speed impact.