Oct. 20: Collaboration paper is published in Science

Figure2Lee and Research Partners Publish Science Article Demonstrating One-step Process for High-strength Metals in Aircraft, Spacecraft, Turbine Blades, and Many Other Uses

Jae-Hwang Lee of the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MIE) Department at the University of Massachusetts Amherst is a member of the team of researchers from UMass and Rice University that is publishing an article in the prestigious journal Science about a dynamic new process for producing high-strength metals. Full story

Clever processing of metals leads to technologically useful properties such as increased hardness and ductility. Thevamaran et al. fired specially synthesized silver cubes at a hard piece of silica, which produced a shock wave that dramatically changed the microstructure of the silver. The approach produced an extreme range in grain sizes that is useful for creating bendable yet strong metals. -Science-

Dynamic Creation and Evolution of Gradient Nanostructure in Single-crystal Metallic MicrocubesScience 354, 312-316 (2016)