Events on March 9 celebrating Angelika’s retirement, which were sponsored by the UMass Linguistics Department, included two public colloquia (2:30-5:30) by Lisa Matthewson (via Skype) and by Manfred Krifka in the Integrative Learning Center S211.  The colloquia were followed by a dinner (6:00-9:00) in the Great Hall of Old Chapel, which is opposite South College, the newly renovated historic home of the Linguistics Department.

Events on March 10 in celebration of Angelika’s 70th birthday included a day-long workshop Semantics 2018: Looking Ahead. Workshop contributions were by former UMass students, 2015/2016 SIAS postdoctoral fellows, and friends and colleagues of Angelika’s coming from outside. The workshop participants designed and planned this workshop collectively with Angelika. The program with abstracts for each talk can be downloaded from here. The workshop was followed by a dinner for workshop participants, family, and friends at the Blue Heron in Sunderland.