Natural Language Semantics in 2019

Here are the papers that appeared in print in Natural Language Semantics in 2019. All papers are free to read, distribute, post, and annotate, using the links in this message. We thank everyone who gave their invaluable time to help with those papers, selflessly sharing their knowledge anonymously.

A paper on Neg-Raising and Neg-Movement by Paul Crawley.   A comment on Fox & Spector (do exhaustivity operators consume or pass on alternatives?) by Nadine Bade & Konstantin Sachs.

Papers on:  Perspectival control and obviation in directive clauses by Adrian Stegovec.  Why believe doesn’t like interrogative complements (and other puzzles) by Nadine Theiler, Floris Roelofsen & Maria Aloni.  Epistemic modals by Guillermo Del Pinal & Brandon Walden.  Focus intonation and implicature computation by Nicole Gotzner.  Triviality and interrogative embedding by Clemens Mayr.  The licensing of positive polarity indefinites by Vincent Homer & Rajesh Bhatt.  Why hope doesn’t embed wh-complements by Wataru Uegaki & Yasutada Sudo.

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