Lisa Matthewson: Semantic variation

Lisa Matthewson.

LisaAug13smaller“I am interested in cross-linguistic variation in the semantics and pragmatics, and what variation (or the lack of it) tells us about Universal Grammar. I have been doing fieldwork on St’át’imcets (Lillooet Salish) since 1992, and on Gitksan (Tsimshianic) since 2010. I have worked on a range of areas in semantics and the syntax/semantics interface, including determiners, quantifiers, adverbs, tense, aspect, modals, evidentials, mood, discourse particles and presuppositions. I am also interested in the methodology of semantic fieldwork, and in native language preservation and oral history. I am involved in community language preservation initiatives, including contributing to the First Voices website for Northern St’át’imcets. Visit our website for storyboards for semantic elicitation! Totem Field Storyboards.”

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