We are well-equipped biomaterial and tissue engineering research.

Tissue Culture Lab
Biosafety Cabinet (2)
Tissue Culture Incubators (4)
Tissue Culture Centrifuge (Temp. Control)
MicroCentrifuge (Temp. Control)
EVOS Tissue culture microscope
EVOS Fluorescent microscope
LumaScope 720 (long-term fluorescent imaging)
Biospherix Hypoxic Box
Mechanoculture bioreactor
Water Beth

Major equipment
BioTek Microplate Reader
NX70 Cryostat
CO2 Laser Cutter
Glass Capillary Puller
Sonic Shifter
Harvard Apparatus Syringe Pump (2)
High-voltage power source
Plasma Cleaner
Furnace (up to 1500 C)
ElectroForce 5500 Mechanical Tester
Plotter Cutter
-80 C Freezer
Liquid Nitrogen Storage

LSL Core Facility