CS590X – Decarbonization and Data Science

CS 590X – Decarbonization and Data Science

Prof. Jay Taneja

Fall 2023 – MW 2:30-3:45, Hasbrouck Lab Addition Room 111

DESCRIPTION: This course examines applications of Data Science in the decarbonization of energy systems. The course covers (i.) basic energy systems concepts and background with US and global examples, (ii.) an introduction to relevant methods in statistical and geospatial data analytics and machine learning, and (iii.) trends and challenges affecting decarbonization in the electricity sector and beyond, with a focus on end-uses of energy. This course incorporates a significant programming component, with assignments on electricity supply implications from fluctuating solar photovoltaic and wind generation; residential energy system planning including heat pumps, solar photovoltaic systems, and energy storage; and demand side management, including smart appliances and electric vehicles.

By the end of the course, students will be able to:
● Manipulate large-scale datasets in the service of better planning and operations of energy systems.
● Critically evaluate the opportunities for data-driven decision-making in different end-use sectors of the energy sector, with a focus on the electricity grid.
● Understand the large-scale trends influencing decarbonization of the energy system, including the Energy Transition and electrification.


This course will be available to CICS and ECE students. For ECE students who are interested, you will need to submit an override request to enter the class.