StoryboardThat: The Tool For Teachers To Communicate Effectively In The Classroom

Photo by Dom Fou on Unsplash

Storyboard That is an online storyboard creator with free resources for educators to access anytime, anywhere. Think of it as Canva for the classroom – or the workplace. 

As human beings, we’re extremely visual creatures and respond well to visual stimuli, especially if it’s aesthetically pleasing to us. When it comes to the classroom, studies show that students are more likely to engage with visual cues such as videos or workbooks. 

Storyboard That offers a wide range of templates for users to choose from, including essential questions, instructions, a blank template, and a rubric. There are also various ready-made posters to draw inspiration from, but it is also extremely easy to make your own poster from scratch. 

In the classroom, Storyboard That has been used as a way to check in with students to see how they are feeling by providing them with a moodboard workbook. It is much more effective because it’s less serious than having a sit down. Kids are able to express themselves freely without the added pressure of talking to an adult and not knowing where to begin. 

It can also be used as a tool to deliver classes. It is easy to make workbook activities as well as infographics that can supplement any lesson. A teacher that uses Storyboard That shares her experience with the tools that they provide saying that, “I’m not very tech-savvy and I have found it hard to connect with my students, but Storyboard That helps bridge that divide. My students are much more engaged, and you can see how excited they are when they get a workbook that’s been designed for them. I am not much of a designer myself, but the templates on the site are super easy to use and the tools are also very intuitive and user-friendly.” 

Their team of designers are constantly adding new items to their already existing database for the perusal of their clients which ranges from students, individuals, educators, and employers/employees in a variety of industries because their designs are easily integrated into any occasion. 

Storyboard That isn’t just for educators, but it does serve its purpose well. Other uses for the online tool include storyboarding for graphic novels, team-building, and practically anything you can think of. It’s a creative tool for creative minds.

While there is a free plan, it comes with certain features that can only be unlocked with a subscription but it’s extremely affordable. 

“We want to help people communicate their ideas and engage with their audiences,” explains a representative from the company, “we can’t do that if we do not keep our services accessible and affordable.”

There are different tiers for different uses, starting from $9.99 for personal use or $24.99 for heavy users such as an entire team of educators.