How To Leverage Customer Experience Support For Maximum Impact

Working with a customer experience consulting firm can provide multiple benefits. Companies can provide better customer support and focus on their core business, while freeing up internal resources. When outsourcing customer service, businesses need to take into account a number of factors, including the quality of service, the response time, the cost, and more. The challenge comes from trying to find the right fit: which consulting firm will not only understand your needs, but be able to deliver the support your customers expect? In contrast to standard call center outsourcing, Aventus offers its over 100 direct-to-consumer clients premium business outsourcing aligned and scaled to their precise requirements.

Aventus Delivers Outstanding Customer Service Experiences

Outsourcing customer service is an efficient way to manage customer support operations. To ensure quality customer service, you must select a provider that shares your values and vision. By working with Aventus, you get more than outsourced call center support. You get the advantage that our 750+ staff operating from 6 campuses provides. We offer domestic, near-shore and offshore experts in numerous verticals, so we can seamlessly elevate your customer support across every channel, from voice, to email, to support tickets, social media, and more. Our support services deliver exceptional customer experiences at every point of contact.

How Aventus Optimizes Your Customer Service Channels

Providing a variety of customer service options is essential because your customers interact with you via multiple channels. When these channels are optimized, you’ll realize benefits such as cost efficiency, quality control, and customer satisfaction. Here are but a few of the ways Aventus achieves this for you, so your customers enjoy their experience and become loyal advocates of your brand:

  • Live chat support: Offers immediate customer support to visitors on a website. It’s an effective way to handle customer inquiries in real time and provide customers with a satisfying experience.
  • Technical help desk: Offers in-depth support when customers experience issues with their devices, software, or networks. This service can help troubleshoot issues and provide assistance remotely.
  • Call center support: Our experts facilitate all customer calls, so issues are resolved in ways that delight and encourage brand loyalty.
  • Email support: Allows customers to send queries and receive answers quickly. It’s a secure way to handle customer service inquiries and provides customers with a consistent experience.
  • Social media support: Helps address customer service inquiries submitted via social media platforms. It allows customers to receive support from customer service agents in real-time.

Drive & Support Growth with Aventus Scalable Customer Service

It’s vital to weigh the benefits and costs of outsourcing in terms of customer experience, cost-efficiency, and scalability. Aventus’ experts develop and execute a cost-effective way to scale and grow your customer support operations. This comes with its own challenges, including maintaining quality customer service standards, managing customer data privacy and security, ensuring consistency with brand messaging and values, and establishing an effective system for tracking customer feedback. By anticipating and addressing these challenges, Aventus helps you turn your customers into long-term clients and brand advocates.

Not all customer experience firms can scale services for your business as it grows. Aventus, founded and directed by Josh Royal, has developed industry-leading training for its teams, so every Aventus team member is an expert in their vertical. The Aventus training program prepares its agents not just to satisfy customers but also to resolve their issues effectively. Moreover, it helps them to think analytically about a situation and arrive at a solution that suits everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions: How do I know if my company needs to outsource its customer service functions?

If you’re deciding whether to outsource your customer service functions, there are a few factors you should consider.

First, look at the size of your customer base and the complexity of your customer service needs. This will give you an idea of how much staffing you need to provide quality support.

Next, assess the cost of hiring, training, and retaining customer service staff in-house versus outsourcing the service. Consider how quickly you need to scale up or down with customer service resources to meet customer demand.

Finally, research potential partners who can offer customer service outsourcing solutions. Make sure they have experience in handling customer service in similar business contexts and that they can meet all your specific customer service requirements.

Ensure Premium Customer Support with Aventus

With the above criteria in mind, you can confidently choose Aventus as your customer experience optimization partner. As innovators of many leading customer support methods, we will design a customized support plan for your business and then expertly implement it, creating greater engagement, more robust sales, and heightened brand loyalty.

If you’re looking for an outsourced customer service provider, you must first know what support your business requires. There’s no guesswork involved with Aventus – our thirty years of customer experience expertise will seamlessly deliver customer satisfaction at every touchpoint, in real-time, and throughout the customer journey. Aventus is your team of experts. Put our certified e-commerce customer service specialists to work for you. You can rely on us to handle any customer service experience at any scale and deliver a positive customer experience that builds your brand.