What Does a Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney Do?

A Las Vegas criminal defense attorney plays a vital role in your court proceedings in Las Vegas regardless of the degree of accusation that has been labeled against your name. Guilty or not, a criminal defense attorney will handle all of the formalities inside and outside the court of law. 

Most of the general population has zero knowledge about all their rights and how vital it is for them to have an attorney, mainly because they’ve never had to deal with situations related to court before in their lives. 

First and foremost, a criminal defense attorney is responsible for defending your rights, acknowledging your needs, and fighting for your best interest, whatever the situation is. 

Secondly, they will investigate your case thoroughly and build a case to get you a fair trial. According to American law, all defendants are innocent until proven guilty. A criminal defense attorney will fight to keep their clients innocent in front of the court regardless of the pieces of evidence present. 

Whenever you’re charged with a crime in Las Vegas, it is advisable to involve a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. They should be present whenever you’re communicating with law enforcement so that they can uphold your Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights. Neither will law enforcement be able to unlawfully search you, nor will your attorney allow self-incrimination to be inflict on you. 

Next, your attorney will guide you on whether or not to plead guilty when your charges are read out to you. Your attorney will then argue with the court of law for your bail. If granted, you won’t have to stay behind bars as your trial continues. 

Throughout your trial in the Las Vegas court of law, your attorney will fight and negotiate with the prosecutor to either drop the charges, reach an agreement or prove you innocent. 

The prosecutor is always burdened with the task of proving you guilty, and it is your attorney’s task to prove them wrong throughout the process. 


A Las Vegas Criminal Defense attorney is most likely your only savior in case you are prosecuted for a crime. Whether you are guilty of the crime or just a poor innocent soul is in your best interest that you immediately hire a criminal defense lawyer to minimize negative outcomes.

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