Lab members

ParkJoonkoo Park, Ph.D. (Principal Investigator)
Joonkoo (many call him Joon) is Assistant Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences and Commonwealth Honors College Faculty ( He is interested in studying what makes us human, in particular the emergence of uniquely human thinking. Most of his research lately is focused on the cognitive and neural underpinnings of our numerical concepts.
AnnAnn Teng
Ann is a sophomore double majoring in psychology and music. She is interested in how numerical learning affects behavior and the ability to grasp fundamental musical concepts, as music is strongly connected to math. After finishing her undergrad studies, she hopes to earn a graduate degree in music therapy. Ann can be found painting, cafe hopping, or taking long walks through campus.
GuerreroDiego Guerrero
Diego is a Fulbright Scholar and Ph.D. student in the Developmental Science Program. He is interested in the relationship between internal numerical representations and symbolic representations of number, using behavioral and neuroimaging measures.
DylanDylan Morrow
Dylan is a Psychology (Neuroscience track) and Philosophy double major in the class of 2022. He is a member of the Commonwealth Honors College and is interested in human cognition and how humans perceive, process, and make decisions within their lives. Dylan has plans to continue his education in graduate school in the field of neuroscience. In his spare time, Dylan can be found playing games, hiking with friends, and going to the movies.
EliEli Zaleznik
Eli is a Ph.D. student in the Developmental Science program. He uses neuroimaging and behavioral methods to measure how math anxiety affects cognitive processing. Specifically, he is interested in what the boundaries of “math” are for those with math anxiety and how viewing and manipulating numeric and mathematical items affect attention.
JennaJenna Croteau
Jenna is a Smith College student and dual cognitive science and computer science major in the class of 2021. She is interested in answering neuroscience questions from a broad interdisciplinary approach, drawing particularly from computer science, linguistics, and psychology. After completing her undergraduate degree, she plans on attending a graduate program to further narrow her interests. In her spare time she enjoys reading, cooking, and spending time with her family.
KatherineKatherine Gao
Katherine is an undergraduate student and linguistics major in the class of 2022. She is interested in thinking questions form bilingual angles and answering academic questions in a broad interdisciplinary way. She plans to apply for a graduate program in psychology and psycholinguistics. In her spare time, she enjoys blogging, cooking, and watching movies.
RachaelRachael McCollum
Rachael is a lab manager working on a variety of projects.
VictoriaVictoria Younes
Victoria is a Psychology major (neuroscience track) in the class of 2022. She is interested in the relationship between behavioral and cognitive neuroscience. She hopes to attend medical school and become a physician. In her free time, she enjoys baking, running, and spending time with family and friends.

Lab Alum (trainees)

– Michele Fornaciai (Postdoc; now a Marie Curie Fellow at SISSA, Italy)
– Jihyun Hwang

Lab Alum (undergrads)

– Sam Casler (UMass)
– Nancy Cai (Smith College)
– Tim Noonan (UMass)
– Michael Kelberman (UMass)
– Amy Higgins (UMass)
– Abigail Farrell (UMass CHC)
– Courtney McMahon (UMass CHC)
– Bri Southwick (UMass)
– Brynn Boutin (Lab manager; UMass)
– Nicole Ayres (UMass CHC)
– Sami Waterhouse (lab manager; UMass)
– Camryn Boutin (UMass)
– Brianna Chamberlain (UMass)
– Jake Fahy (UMass)
– Olivia Comeau (UMass CHC)
– Heidi Brajak (UMass)