Who we are

ParkJoonkoo Park, Ph.D. (Principal Investigator)
Joonkoo (many call him Joon) is an Assistant Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences and the Commonwealth Honors College Faculty at UMass. He is generally very curious about what is it that makes us humans, in particular the emergence of uniquely human thinking. Most of his research (http://joonkoo.org) lately is focused on using behavioral and neuroscientific tools to investigate the cognitive and behavioral underpinnings of our numerical concepts.
FarrellAbigail Farrell
Abigail is a double major in Psychology (Neuroscience track) and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and a member of the Commonwealth Honors College. She hopes to attend graduate school to study neuroscience in a field that allows her to work with children.
SouthwickBri Southwick
Bri is a sophomore nutrition major on the health sciences track at UMass. She is considering a double major or minor in psychology. In the future she hopes to attend a physician assistant graduate program and hopefully specialize in pediatrics.
BrynnBrynn Boutin
Brynn is the Lab Coordinator who has recently graduated from UMass with a B.S. in Psychology with a concentration in neuroscience. She hopes to eventually go on to graduate school for a Masters degree as a Physician Assistant. Brynn’s interests lie in the pediatrics specialty and all things kids! She is especially interested in child development and how children develop awareness of themselves and others. She enjoys cooking, exercising, and playing music in her spare time.
McMahonCourtney McMahon
Courtney is a psychology major with a concentration in neuroscience on the pre-med track. She is also a member of CHC. Hopefully someday Courtney wants to attend medical school and become a physician and practice medicine in underprivileged areas of the world where healthcare isn’t easily accessible. In her spare time she enjoy traveling and running!
GuerreroDiego Guerrero
Diego is a Fulbright Scholar and Ph.D. student in the Developmental Science Program. He is interested in the relationship between internal numerical representations and symbolic representations of number, using behavioral and neuroimaging measures.
MicheleMichele Fornaciai, Ph.D.
Michele (or simply Mike) is a post-doctoral research associate at the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences. He is mostly interested in how the brain processes numerical and temporal information, how mechanisms for numerosity and time perception interact, and what the neural underpinnings of “magnitudes” processing are.
NicoleNicole Ayres
Nicole is a sophomore honors student who is double majoring in Biology and Psychology (Neuroscience track) with a minor in Spanish. As a pre-med student, Nicole hopes to one day attend medical school and specialize in neurosurgery. She enjoys working as an EMT-B and playing for the women’s club lacrosse team in her spare time.

Lab Alum

– Sam Casler (undergraduate RA)
– Nancy Cai (undergraduate RA)
– Tim Noonan (undergraduate RA)
– Michael Kelberman (undergraduate RA)
– Amy Higgins (undergraduate RA)