A Catalog of Early Lethal KOMP Phenotypes


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We have characterized a large number of mutant alleles generated by the Knock-out Mouse Consortium (KOMP2) that have lethal phenotypes occurring before E9.5. Thus far we have analyzed more than 100 distinct  knockout lines produced by the Knock Out Mouse Project. Here we provide data summarizing each early lethal mutant phenotype. More information about the international effort to understand the function of all protein coding genes available on the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium website.  We find approximately half of homozygous knockout embryos can be recovered at E7.5 but arrest prior to gastrulation.  The other half cannot be found at E7.5 but are recovered during preimplantation stages with ~25% arresting/dying prior to blastocyst formation while the other ~25% form normal blastocysts but fail to implant. To our knowledge this is the first systematic study of early lethal knockouts conducted using similar mutation strategies on the same genetic background (C57Bl/6JN).  Summary data for each phenotype available below. Full data sets and information available by contacting Dr. Jesse Mager (jmager@umass.edu).



Click HERE for high resolution 4933427D14Rik data slide

IMPC data for 4933427D14Rik

MGI data for 4933427D14Rik

OMIM data for 4933427D14Rik

ExAC data for 4933427D14Rik


Click HERE for high resolution Aasdhppt data slide

IMPC data for Aasdhppt

MGI data for Aasdhppt

OMIM data for Aasdhppt

ExAC data for Aasdhppt


knockout mouse embryo preimplantation Aatf

IMPC data for Aatf

MGI data for Aatf

OMIM data for Aatf


Click HERE for high resolution Actr8 data slide

IMPC data for Actr8

MGI data for Actr8

OMIM data for Actr8

ExAC data for Actr8


Click HERE for high resolution Alg14 data slide

IMPC data for Alg14

MGI data for Alg14

OMIM data for Alg14

ExAC data for Alg14


Click HERE for high resolution Ap2s1 data slide

IMPC data for Ap2s1

MGI data for Ap2s1

OMIM data for Ap2s1

ExAC data for Ap2s1


Click HERE for high resolution Atp2b1 data slide

IMPC data for Atp2b1

MGI data for Atp2b1

OMIM data for Atp2b1

ExAC data for Atp2b1


knockout mouse embryo Atp5d preimplantation

IMPC data for Atp5d

MGI data for Atp5d


Knock out mouse embryo Atp6v1f preimplantation

IMPC data for Atp6v1f

MGI data for Atp6v1f

OMIM data for Atp6v1f


Click HERE for high resolution B4gat1 data slide

IMPC data for B4gat1

MGI data for B4gat1

OMIM data for B4gat1

ExAC data for B4gat1


Click HERE for high resolution BC0502040 data slide

IMPC data for BC052040

MGI data for BC052040

OMIM data for BC052040

ExAC data for BC052040


 Click HERE for high resolution Bcs1l data slide

IMPC data for Bcs1l

MGI data for Bcs1l

OMIM data for Bcs1l

ExAc data for Bcs1l


Click HERE for high resolution Borcs6 data slide

IMPC data for Borcs6

MGI data for Borcs6

OMIM data for Borcs6

Exac data for Borcs6


Click HERE for high resolution Casc3 data slide

IMPC data for Casc3

MGI data for Casc3

OMIM data for Casc3

ExAC data for Casc3


Click HERE  for high resolution Ccdc59 data slide

IMPC data for Ccdc59

MGI data for Ccdc59

OMIM data for Ccdc59

ExAC data for Ccdc59


Knock out mouse embryo Cdc37 preimplantation

IMPC data for Cdc37

MGI data for Cdc37

OMIM data for Cdc37


Click HERE for high resolution Cenpo data slide

IMPC data for Cenpo

MGI data for Cenpo

OMIM data for Cenpo

ExAC data for Cenpo


Knock out mouse embryo Cherp preimplantation

IMPC data for Cherp

MGI data for Cherp

OMIM data for Cherp


Click HERE for high resolution Clpx data slide

IMPC data for Clpx

MGI data for Clpx

OMIM data for Clpx

ExAC data for Clpx


Click HERE for high resolution Dbr1 data slide

IMPC data for Dbr1

MGI data for Dbr1

OMIM data for Dbr1

ExAC data for Dbr1


Click HERE for high resolution Dctn6 data slide

IMPC data for Dctn6

MGI data for Dctn6

OMIM data for Dctn6

ExAC data for Dctn6


knockout mouse embryo Ddx21 preimplantation

IMPC data for Ddx21

MGI data for Ddx21

OMIM data for Ddx21


knockout mouse embryo preimplantation Ddx46

IMPC data for Ddx46

MGI data for Ddx46

OMIM data for Ddx46


Click HERE for high resolution Ddx59 data slide

IMPC data for Ddx59

MGI data for Ddx59

OMIM data for Ddx59

ExAC data for Ddx59


knockout mouse embryo preimplantation Dhx37

IMPC data for Dhx37

MGI data for Dhx37

OMIM data for Dhx37


Click HERE for high resolution Dnaaf2 data slide

IMPC data for Dnaaf2

MGI data for Dnaaf2

OMIM data for Dnaaf2

ExAC data for Dnaaf2


knockout mouse embryo Dnajc13 preimplantation

IMPC data for Dnajc13

MGI data for Dnajc13

OMIM data for Dnajc13


Click HERE for Dolk high resolution data slide

IMPC data for Dolk

MGI data for Dolk

OMIM data for Dolk

ExAC data for Dolk


knock out mouse embryo Eif5b preimplantaion

IMPC data for Eif5b

MGI data for Eif5b

OMIM data for Eif5b


Click HERE for Eipr1 high resolution data slide

IMPC data for Eipr1

MGI data for Eipr1

OMIM data for Eipr1

ExAC data for Eipr1


knock out mouse embryo Efl1 gastrulation

IMPC data for Efl1

MGI data for Efl1

OMIM data for Efl1


Click HERE for high resolution Elof1 data slide

Click HERE for our recent paper “The elongation factor Elof1 is required for mammalian gastrulation.

IMPC data for Elof1

MGI data for Elof1

OMIM data for Elof1

ExAC data for Elof1


Click HERE for high resolution Exoc2 data slide

IMPC data for Exoc2

MGI data for Exoc2

OMIM data for Exoc2

ExAC data for Exoc2


Knock out mouse embryo Exosc2 preimplantation

IMPC data for Exosc2

MGI data for Exosc2

OMIM data for Exosc2


Click HERE for high resolution Fastkd5 data slide

IMPC data for Fastkd5

MGI data for Fastkd5

OMIM data for Fastkd5

ExAC data for Fastkd5


Knock out mouse embryo Gemin6 preimplantation

IMPC data for Gemin6

MGI data for Gemin6

OMIM data for Gemin6


Click HERE for high resolution Glrx3 data slide

IMPC data for Glrx3

MGI data for Glrx3

OMIM data for Glrx3

ExAC data for Glrx3


Knock out mouse embryo Gtpbp4 preimplantation

IMPC data for Gtpbp4

MGI data for Gtpbp4

OMIM data for Gtpbp4


knockout mouse embryo Haus4 preimplantation

IMPC data for Haus4

MGI data for Haus4

OMIM data for Haus4


Click HERE for Hlcs high resolution data slide

IMPC data for Hlcs

MGI data for Hlcs

OMIM data for Hlcs

ExAC data for Hlcs


Click HERE for high resolution Ipo1 data slide

IMPC data for Ipo11

MGI data for Ipo11

OMIM data for Ipo11

ExAC data for Ipo11


knockout mouse embryo Ipo7

IMPC data for Ipo7

MGI data for Ipo7

OMIM data for Ipo7


Click HERE for high resolution Isca1 data slide

IMPC data for Isca1

MGI data for Isca1

OMIM data for Isca1

ExAC data for Isca1


knockout mouse embryo preimplantation Lin52

IMPC data for Lin52

MGI data for Lin52


IMPC data for Ltv1

MGI data for Ltv1


Click HERE for high resolution Mars2 data slide

IMPC data for Mars2

MGI data for Mars2

OMIM data for Mars2

ExAC data for Mars2


knockout mouse embryo Mbip preimplantation

IMPC data for Mbip

MGI data for Mbip

OMIM data for Mbip


Click HERE for high resolution Mcrs1 data slide

IMPC data for Mcrs1

MGI data for Mcrs1

OMIM data for Mcrs1

ExAC data for Mcrs1


Click HERE for high resolution Med20 data slide

Cui et al “Med20 is essential for early embryogenesis and regulates Nanog expression.” Reproduction 2018

IMPC data for Med20

MGI data for Med20

OMIM data for Med20

ExAC data for Med20


Click HERE for high resolution Mepce data slide

IMPC data for Mepce

MGI data for Mepce

OMIM data for Mepce

ExAC data for Mepce


Click HERE for high resolution Mrm3 data slide

IMPC data for Mrm3

MGI data for Mrm3

OMIM data for Mrm3

ExAC data for Mrm3


Click HERE for high resolution Mrpl22 data slide

IMPC data for Mrpl22

MGI data for Mrpl22

OMIM data for Mrpl22

ExAC data for Mrpl22


Click HERE for high resolution Mrpl3 data slide

IMPC data for Mrpl3

MGI data for Mrpl3

OMIM data for Mrpl3

ExAC data for Mrpl3


IMPC data for Mrpl41

MGI data for Mrpl41

OMIM data for Mrpl41


Click HERE for high resolution Mrpl44 data slide

IMPC data for Mrpl44

MGI data for Mrpl44

OMIM data for Mrpl44

ExAC data for Mrpl44


Click HERE for high resolution Mrps18c data slide

IMPC data for Mrps18c

MGI data for Mrps18c

OMIM data for Mrps18c

ExAC data for Mrps18c


Click HERE for high resolution Mrps22 data slide

IMPC data for Mrps22

MGI data for Mrps22

OMIM data for Mrps22

ExAC data for Mrps22


Click HERE for high resolution Mrps25 data slide

IMPC data for Mrps25

MGI data for Mrps25

OMIM data for Mrps25

ExAC data for Mrps25


Click HERE for high resolution Mtpap data slide

IMPC data for Mtpap

MGI data for Mtpap

OMIM data for Mtpap

ExAC data for Mtpap


knockout mouse embryo preimplantation Nars

IMPC data for Nars

MGI data for Nars

OMIM data for Nars


Click HERE for high resolution Nars2 data slide

IMPC data for Nars2

MGI data for Nars2

OMIM data for Nars2

ExAC data for Nars2


knockout mouse embryo preimplantation Ncapd3

IMPC data for Ncapd3

MGI data for Ncapd3

OMIM data for Ncapd3


knock out embryo preimplantation Ndc80

IMPC data for Ndc80

MGI data for Ndc80

OMIM data for Ndc80


Click HERE for high resolution Ndufa9 data slide

IMPC data for Ndufa9

MGI data for Ndufa9

OMIM data for Ndufa9

ExAC data for Ndufa9


Click HERE for high resolution Ndufs8 data slide

IMPC data for Ndufs8

MGI data for Ndufs8

OMIM data for Ndufs8

ExAC data for Ndufs8


knockout mouse embryo preimplantation Nsl1

IMPC data for Nsl1

MGI data for Nsl1

OMIM data for Nsl1


knock out mouse embryo Nup155 preimplantaion

IMPC data for Nup155

MGI data for Nup155

OMIM data for Nup155

ExAC data for Nup155


knockout mouse embryo preimplantation Nup 205

IMPC data for Nup205

MGI data for Nup205

OMIM data for Nup205


knockout mouse embryo Orc2 preimplantation

IMPC data for Orc2

MGI data for Orc2

OMIM data for Orc2


Click HERE for high resolution Orc6 data slide

IMPC data for Orc6

MGI data for Orc6

OMIM data for Orc6

ExAC data for Orc6


IMPC data for Osbp

MGI data for Osbp

OMIM data for Osbp


Click HERE for high resolution Pmpcb data slide

IMPC data for Pmpcb

MGI data for Pmpcb

OMIM data for Pmpcb

ExAC data for Pmpcb


Click HERE for high resolution Pold2 data slide

IMPC data for Pold2

MGI data for Pold2

OMIM data for Pold2

ExAC data for Pold2


Click HERE for high resolution Polr1a data slide

IMPC data for Polr1a

MGI data for Polr1a

OMIM data for Polr1a

ExAC data for Polr1a


Click HERE for high resolution Polr1d data slide

IMPC data for Polr1d

MGI data for Polr1d

OMIM data for Polr1d

ExAC data for Polr1d


Knock out mouse embryo Polr2b preimplantation

IMPC data for Polr2b

MGI data for Polr2b

OMIM data for Polr2b


Knock out mouse embryo Pop5 preimplantation

IMPC data for Pop5

MGI data for Pop5

OMIM data for Pop5


Click HERE for Ppp1r35 high resolution data slide

IMPC data for Ppp1r35

MGI data for Ppp1r35

OMIM data for Ppp1r35

ExAC data for Ppp1r35


Click HERE for high resolution Prim1 data slide

IMPC data for Prim1

MGI data for Prim1

OMIM data for Prim1

ExAC data for Prim1


In Process

Click HERE for high resolution Prpf40a data slide

IMPC data for Prpf40a

MGI data for Prpf40a

OMIM data for Prpf40a

ExAC data for Prpf40a


Click HERE for high resolution Prpf4b data slide

IMPC data for Prpf4b

MGI data for Prpf4b

OMIM data for Prpf4b

ExAC data for Prpf4b


Click HERE for Rab11a high resolution data slide

IMPC data for Rab11a

MGI data for Rab11a

OMIM data for Rab11a

ExAC data for Rab11a


Click HERE for high resolution Ranbp2 data slide

IMPC data for Ranbp2

MGI data for Ranbp2

OMIM data for Ranbp2

ExAC data for Ranbp2


Click HERE for high resolution Rbbp4 data slide

IMPC data for Rbbp4

MGI data for Rbbp4

OMIM data for Rbbp4

ExAC data for Rbbp4


Click HERE for high resolution Riok1 data slide

IMPC data for Riok1

MGI data for Riok1

OMIM data for Riok1

ExAC data for Riok1


Click HERE for high resolution Rpain data slide

IMPC data for Rpain

MGI data for Rpain

OMIM data for Rpain

ExAC data for Rpain


Click HERE for high resolution Sars data slide

IMPC data for Sars

MGI data for Sars

OMIM data for Sars

ExAC data for Sars


knockout mouse embryo preimplantation Scfd1

IMPC data for Scfd1

MGI data for Scfd1

OMIM data for Scfd1


Click HERE for high resolution Sdhaf2 data slide

IMPC data for Sdhaf2

MGI data for Sdhaf2

OMIM data for Sdhaf2

ExAC data for Sdhaf2


Knock out mouse embryo Sepsecs gastrulation

IMPC data for Sepsecs

MGI data for Sepsecs

OMIM data for Sepsecs


Click HERE for high resolution Ska2 data slide

IMPC data for Ska2

MGI data for Ska2

OMIM data for Ska2

ExAC data for Ska2


Knock out mouse embryo Smarce preimplantation

IMPC data for Smarce1

MGI data for Smarce1

OMIM data for Smarce1


Click HERE for high resolution Snapc2 data slide

IMPC data for Snapc2

MGI data for Snapc2

OMIM data for Snapc2

ExAC data for Snapc2


Click HERE for high resolution Sptssa data slide

IMPC data for Sptssa

MGI data for Sptssa

OMIM data for Sptssa

ExAC data for Sptssa


Click HERE for high resolution Strn3 data slide

IMPC data for Strn3

MGI data for Strn3

OMIM data for Strn3

ExAC data for Strn3 


Knock out mouse embryo Tbcc preimplantation

IMPC data for Tbcc

MGI data for Tbcc

OMIM data for Tbcc


Knock out mouse embryo Tbcd preimplantation

IMPC data for Tbcd

MGI data for Tbcd

OMIM data for Tbcd


Knock out mouse embryo Thoc3 preimplantation

IMPC data for Thoc3

MGI data for Thoc3

OMIM data for Thoc3


knock out mouse embryo Thoc7

IMPC data for Thoc7

MGI data for Thoc7

OMIM data for Thoc7


Click  HERE for high resolution Timm22 data slide

IMPC data for Timm22

MGI data for Timm22

OMIM data for Timm22

ExAC data for Timm22


Click HERE for high resolution Tmx2 data slide

IMPC data for Tmx2

MGI data for Tmx2

OMIM data for Tmx2

ExAC data for Tmx2 


IMPC data for Tomm20

MGI data for Tomm20

OMIM data for Tomm20

ExAC data for Tomm20


Click HERE for high resolution Tpk1 data slide

IMPC data for Tpk1

MGI data for Tpk1

OMIM data for Tpk1

ExAC data for Tpk1


Click HERE for high resolution Trit1 data slide

IMPC data for Trit1

MGI data for Trit1

OMIM data for Trit1

ExAC data for Trit1

knock out mouse embryo Tsen54 preimplantation

IMPC data for Tsen54

MGI data for Tsen45

OMIM data for Tsen54


knockout mouse embryo preimplantation Ttk

IMPC data for Ttk

MGI data for Ttk

OMIM data for Ttk


Click HERE for high resolution Tubgcp4 data slide

IMPC data for Tubgcp4

MGI data for Tubgcp4

OMIM data for Tubgcp4

ExAC data for Tubgcp4


Knock out mouse embryo U2af2 preimplantation

IMPC data for U2af2

MGI data for U2af2

OMIM data for U2af2


Click HERE for high resolution Ube2m data slide

IMPC data for Ube2m

MGI data for Ube2m

OMIM data for Ube2m

ExAC data for Ube2m


Knock out mouse embryo Uqcr10 gastrulation

IMPC data for Uqcr10

MGI data for Uqcr10

OMIM data for Uqcr10


In Process

Click HERE for high resolution Utp4 data slide

IMPC data for Utp4

MGI data for Utp4

OMIM data for Utp4

ExAC data for Utp4


Click HERE for high resolution Wasch4 data slide

IMPC data for Washc4

MGI data for Washc4

OMIM data for Washc4

ExAC data for Washc4


knockout mouse embryo Wdr73 preimplantation

IMPC data for Wdr73

MGI data for Wdr73

OMIM data for Wdr73


Knock out mouse embryo Ykt6 preimplantation

IMPC data for Ykt6

MGI data for Ykt6

OMIM data for Ykt6


Click HERE for high resolution Ylpm1 data slide

IMPC data for Ylpm1

MGI data for Ylpm1

OMIM data for Ylpm1

ExAC data for Ylpm1


Click HERE for high resolution Zc3h4 data slide

IMPC data for Zc3h4

MGI data for Zc3h4

OMIM data for Zc3h4

ExAC data for Zc3h4


Click HERE for high resolution Zfp407 data slide

IMPC data for Zfp407

MGI data for Zfp407

OMIM data for Zfp407

ExAC data for Zfp407


Click HERE for high resolution Zwint data slide

IMPC data for Zwint

MGI data for Zwint

OMIM data for Zwint

ExAC data for Zwint