First Day in Paris

Traveling to Paris has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl, and was definitely the city I was looking most forward to on this trip. The first day we arrived in Paris we had a tour of Musee du Vin, headed to Point-Neuf for dinner, and ended the day with a river cruise tour. This day was probably my least favorite of Paris but it was still an exciting first day. At Musee du Vin, the tour was lengthy and I found that the information was a bit tedious and too detailed. However, I really enjoyed learning about the different techniques you can use when tasting wine and how to determine if the wine if fruity, flowery, etc. It was incredibly exciting to meet some members of the brotherhood on this tour and get to learn the historical “cheer” they do before tasting wine. 

At Point-Neurf I got to try my first French Omelette! We went to Cafe Le Nesle and had incredible service. Our server was really friendly and made our experience so enjoyable with his humor and kindness. I think this was the first server Ive had while abroad who genuinely loved what he was doing and gave us the best service he could. We got our omelets to-go and ate them on our way to the river cruise tour. They were absolutely delicious!

I think I went into the river cruise with a bit too high of expectations. With it being pouring rain it was extremely difficult to see out the windows of the boat. Additionally this was probably the worst of the tour guides we’ve had. You could tell she didnt care about what she was talking about and the entire tour was scripted. Since so many people were on the boat, I also had a hard time hearing her. I wonder how different my experience would have been if I got to sit outside and hear the tour from a different section of the boat. I think this type of tour was definitely comparable to ones that the United States has in cities like LA or NYC. These tours don’t require as much qualification, and they rely on a pretty basic script for each tour. Comparably to the Tower of London tour where our tour guide had a Blue Badge and very strong qualifications, this differed drastically.

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