Taller de Tonos o Gramaticas Pedagogicas

For three summers (2012-2014), I taught at the Taller de Tonos in Oaxaca, and for four years (2015-2018), I taught at the Taller de Gramaticas Pedagogicas, also in Oaxaca. All the talleres have been organized by my former colleague, Emiliana Cruz, in the Anthropology Department. Cruz is now at the Centro por Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores de Antropologia Social in Mexico City. Click on the link below to see materials from the first five talleres. I have worked most with speakers of two Chinantecan languages, one spoken in San Juan Quiotepec in the Chinantla Alta and the other spoken in San Antonio Analco in the Chinantla Baja. My principal colleagues in this work have been Miguel Castellanos Cruz and Alicia Gregorio Velasco, respectively. I have also worked with Emiliana Cruz and Anthony Woodbury (Linguistics Department, University of Texas, Austin) on two Eastern Chatino languages, of San Juan Quiahije and San Miguel Panixtlahuaca.

Tallers de Tonos y Gramaticas Pedagogicas