New courses in Sustainable Food and Farming

As you know, we continue to add new and interesting courses for students in the Sustainable Food and Farming major.  Registration for fall classes will begin soon and I wanted to remind you of a few new (and old) classes that are available.

STOCKSCH 190A – Intro to Sustainable Food and Farming (1 credit) – this class is for first year students and transfers.  It is designed to learn about the major, internship opportunities, career paths, and how to “navigate” UMass successfully.

STOCKSCH 197D – Draft Horse Husbandry I (3 credits) – learn how to work with draft horses on and off road.  This class fills fast so sign up early!  Satisfies an “ag production” requirement for the major.

STOCKSCH 197G – Intro to Permaculture (3 credits) – intro to the ethics, principles and practices of permaculture design and living.  Satisfies an “ecosystem” or “ag production” requirement in the major.

STOCKSCH 197P – Physical Care and Wellness for Beginning Farmers (1 credit) – former SFF student, Sarah Berquist, will offer this class again.  She introduces students to body (and mind) care through stretching, breathing and yoga.

STOCKSCH 290AE – Intro to Teaching Agricultural Education (3 credits) – teaching technical subject matter with an emphasis on observing programs, developing and evaluating agricultural-based curricula. Fulfills a “policy” requirement in the major.

STOCKSCH 297NR – Preserving Food Culture From the Homeland (2 credits) –Preserving Food Culture from the Homeland looks at different examples of migrant, immigrant, and native communities and how their use of food and land informs questions of identity and efforts at cultural preservation. There is a focus on exploring the relationship between Puerto Rico and the United States, Puerto Ricans as a migrant community, and their efforts on cultural food preservation. Our community partner is Nuestras Raíces, an urban agriculture organization in Holyoke, MA, whose work is important in the preservation and production of local Puerto Rican cultural food in the Pioneer Valley. The course is a Civic Engagement course, supported by UMass CESL. The class sessions are held bi-weekly and the course requires 4 Saturday work days at Nuestras Raices Farm. Enrollment is by application. To apply contact

STOCKSCH 397P – Food Justice and Policy (3 credits) – Catherine Sands introduces students to national policy debates around food and farming.  Satisfies your “policy” requirement for the major.  Offered in alternate years.

STOCKSCH 397PB – Pollinator Biology and Habitat (1 credit) – knowledge and skills pertaining to pollinator biology and habitat.  NEW COURSE!  Sustainable Food and Farming students only!

Anyone who wants to talk about their fall schedule should try to schedule me ASAP as I do get busy when registration begins!

And don’t forget we are offering quite a few online classes this summer!

See UMass Online for a list of our summer classes.

elearning2If you have not yet taken Chemistry, consider taking STOCKSCH 117 – Agricultural Chemistry, as this satisfies your chemistry requirement for the major!