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National Center for Digital Government

Jane Fountain, PI. National Center for Digital Government. The National Center for Digital Government selected working papers from 2003 to 2013 are available at Support for NCDG came from several National Science Foundation grants. The Center was based at the Kennedy School at Harvard University from 2002 to June 2005 and was based at the University of Massachusetts Amherst September 2005 to July 2022.

National Center for Digital Government Fellows

Marcelo Leal (pre-doctoral, UMass Amherst, Brazilian national, 2016-2022); Muhammed Baqir Malik (predoctoral, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan, 2020-2022); Ye Zheng (faculty, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 2019-2020); Yurong Wang (predoctoral, Jilin University, 2019-2020); Yu Yue (pre-doctoral, Jilin University, China, 2016-17); Jihyun Na (pre-doctoral, University of Tokyo, 2016); Wei Liu (pre-doctoral, Fudan University, Shanghai, 2016); Nele Liosk (pre-doctoral fellow, European University Institute, 2015); Daniel Consigli (undergraduate fellow, 2015-2017); Ramazan Altinok (visiting scholar, Prime Minister’s Office, Government of Turkey, 2014-2015); Jian Li (pre-doctoral, Jilin Univ.), 2014-15; Jianguang Zhang (post-doc, Central Univ of Finance and Econ, Beijing), 2013- 14; Chen Xi (pre-doctoral, Jilin Univ.), 2013-14; Luis Orozco (faculty, Externado Univ, Bogota), 2014; Ahmed Ibrahim (visiting scholar, Egyptian Tax Authority), 2014; Christoph Demers (Master’s fellow, UMass Amherst, 2013-15); Diego Canabarro (doctoral, Univ. Rio Grand do Sul, Brazil), 2012-13; Raquel Galindo-Dorado (faculty, Autonomous Univ of Madrid, nonresident), 2012-16; Toks Oyedemi (predoctoral, Communications, UMass, 2010-11); Ruixin Zhang, (faculty, Jilin Univ) 2009-2010; Fang Wang (faculty, Nankai Univ) 2009-10; Erdem Erkul (doctoral, Haceteppe Univ, Ankara), 2008-2009; Seok-Jin Eom (doctoral, Seoul National Univ), 2006-2007; Maria Fernandez (doctoral), 2006-2007; J. Ramón Gil-García (doctoral and postdoc, SUNY Albany and CIDE, Mexico), 2004-2007; Michael Hamel (masters), 2006-2007; Meelis Kitsing (doctoral), 2006-2007; Sreela Sarkar (predoctoral, UMA), 2006-2007, 2012-13; Miree Byun (faculty, Seoul Planning Dept), 2005-2006; Xingan Ge (masters), 2005-2006 ; Albert J. Meijer (faculty, Univ Utrecht), 2005-2006; Michelle Sagan (masters, UMA), 2005-2006; (The following fellows are from NCDG at the Kennedy School, Harvard. Many worked with NCDG co-Director Prof. David Lazer.) Rangamani Basettihalli (masters, Sri Lanka), 2004-2005; Jeff Boase (predoctoral, U Toronto), 2004-2005; Amanda Coe (visiting scholar, Government of Canada), 2004-2005; Rahul K. Dhanda (visiting scholar), 2004-2005; Steve Jackson (predoctoral), 2004-2005; Jeanne Mengis (visiting scholar), 2004-2005; Ines Mergel (post-doctoral), 2004-2005; Hirokazu Okumura (visiting scholar, Univ of Tokyo), 2004-2005; Naomi Olson (doctoral), 2004-2005; Birgit Rabl (doctoral), 2004-2005; Alexander Schellong (doctoral), 2004-2005; Maria Christina Binz-Scharf (post-doctoral), 2002-2004; Kenneth Neil Cukier (visiting scholar), 2003-2004; Matthew Hindman (doctoral), 2003-2004; Audrey Selian (doctoral), 2003-2004; Rajiv C. Shah (doctoral), 2003-2004; Michelle N. Meyer (visiting scholar), 2003-2004; Warigia Bowman (doctoral), 2002-2003; Kevin Esterling (faculty), 2002- 2003; Marc Holitscher (faculty), 2002-2003; V. K. Samaranayake (faculty), 2002-2003; Kuno Schedler (faculty), 2002-2003.

International Dimensions of Ethics Education in Science & Engineering

International Dimensions of Ethics Education in Science & Engineering. 2009. M. J. Peterson, Michelle Goncalves, Tom Murray, and Jane Fountain (PI). Includes a collection of freely available course modules, interactive case studies, and background readings developed with support from NSF grant number 0734887. Online case studies include: The Dhopal Chemical Disaster; Reporting controversy over the SARS virus outbreak; the EU-US Dispute over Regulation of Genetically Modified Organisms and Foods; Citizen Privacy and Government-Mandated Cyber-Censoring; Narmada Dams Controversy; and Recruitment of Egg Donors by South Korean Stem Cell Researchers among others.

Ethics in Science and Engineering National Clearinghouse beta site

Ethics in Science and Engineering National Clearinghouse. With NSF support through grant number 0936857 (2009), Jane Fountain, PI; Marilyn Billings, coPI; Jessica Adamick, and Michelle Sagan Goncalves developed a beta site for a national digital library for ethics in science and engineering to explore the use of digital repositories to compile and disseminate materials for ethics in science and engineering. The site includes hundreds of resources on ethics, responsible conduct of research, case studies, and related topics available through Scholarworks.

Societal Implications of Nanotechnology

Societal Implications of Nanotechnology. Jane Fountain, Senior Researcher. This site houses workshops videos, presentations and other materials organized by the Science, Technology and Society Initiative from the NSF supported activities under Grant number 0531171, for a National Science and Engineering Center, the Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing. The site includes videos and reports from three international research and policy workshops: 2007, “Nanotechnology and Society: The Organization and Policy of Innovation,” the 2008 workshop, “Nanotechnology and Society: Emerging Opportunities and Challenges,” and the 2010 workshop, “Nanotechnology and Society: Emerging Organizations, Oversight, and Public Policy Systems.” This website includes a list of all presentations and publications produced by this project.