Digital Laboratory

I am the Founder and Director of the Cultural and Linguistic Anthropology Digital Laboratory, located in Herter 101. Since the Spring 2013 semester, the lab has functioned as a space for seminars, presentations, workshops, and film screenings. The lab is equipped with PC and Mac computers, audio and video recording equipment, software for qualitative and quantitative data analysis, and technologies for converting data to digital formats. The UMass Language and Culture Workshop Group and the Language and Social Justice Coalition meet regularly in the lab.



The lab was officially inaugurated in October 2013 with a guest presentation by Dr. Ana Celia Zentella titled “Occupying Language: Combating Linguistic Inequality with Anthro-Political Linguistics.” This presentation coincided with her visit to UMass to deliver a public lecture in the Tay Gavin Erickson Lecture Series sponsored by the Center for Research on Families. In November 2014, the lab hosted a presentation by Dr. Richard Ruiz titled “Language and Social Justice on the Border.”