International Meeting and Traffic Bowl Competition

The ITE International Annual Meeting and Exhibit was held August 14-17, 2016 in Anaheim, CA two weeks ago. During the meeting, UMass ITE competed in the Grand Championship of the Traffic Bowl, attended technical sessions, and socialized with other Nickteams. Francis Tainter, Bhavana Gongalla, and Alyssa Ryan represented the Traffic Bowl team this year.

We are also proud to announce that Nicholas Fournier, a UMass PhD student in Transportation Engineering, attended to accept the ITE Daniel B. Fambro Student Paper Award.

UMass Amherst also was able to attend a Los Angeles Angels game with the University of Manitoba and University of Delaware ITE teams.

Although our Student Chapter Traffic Bowl team did not gain this year’s title, the Annual Meeting in Anaheim was still a large success and great learning experience for the whole team.

We look forward to the start of another great year for the University of Massachusetts Amherst ITE Student Chapter this fall!

17th Annual Technical Day

Join University of Massachusetts ITE for our own Tech Day- March 24-25 in the Mullins Center!

This year’s Tech Day includes Keynote Speaker Dr. John Collura, the Collegiate Traffic Bowl, Transportation Trivia, Technical Sessions, and more!

Register here:

Check out our flyer for more information:

Tech DAy

ASCE/ITE/WTS Joint Meeting


CaptureOn Thursday, November 19th, ITE hosted a joint meeting with UMass Amherst ASCE and WTS Student Chapters. Students had the opporutnity to ask questions and listen to Patricia Leavenworth, the Chief Engineer of MassDOT, discuss how MassDOT meets society’s transportation needs. Wings were served, and the event was a success, filling a room full of students and professors.


NEITE/MAITE Annual Meeting

This past Thursday, September 24th, UMass ITE sent ten members to the NEITE/MAITE Annual Meeting in Waltham, MA. Students were able to attend technical sessions, network with ITE professionals, and learn more about Safety in Transportation. During dinner, the winners of Thomas E. Desjardin’s Scholarship were announced. We are proud to announce our own current president, Francis Tainter, and graduate student member Jing Ding-Mastera each accepted the scholarship.


Past and Present UMass ITE Student Chapter Members


Current President Francis Tainter Accepting Thomas E. Desjardin’s Scholarship

CPwHT3tWwAEl3sLJing Ding-Mastera Accepting Thomas E. Desjardin’s Scholarship