The Initiative on Neurosciences (IONs) is promoting the growth of brain research at UMass. There are researchers in many different colleges and departments dedicated to understanding the brain and helping to cure neurological diseases and conditions.

The brain is incredibly complex, yet researchers at UMass are beginning to unlock its mysteries. Researchers are studying the roles that proteins play in the transmission of signals between neurons and how they can contribute to conditions like schizophrenia. UMass researchers are also examining the role that sleep plays in brain function and how older adults manage memory. UMass has an interdepartmental graduate program in Neuroscience and Behavior that trains the next generation of brain scientists.

We need your help. Please donate to help build the Neurosciences at UMass. Your donation will help fund future events and cross-cutting research projects.

IONs is supported by
the College of Natural Sciences and
the Manning College of Information and Computer Sciences