Nu Rho Psi 2020 Invited Speaker Series

All talks are online, Wednesdays at 7pm.
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Oct 28, 2020
Valerie Estela-Pro, PhD.
University of Pennsylvania
“Spatial learning and memory in the hippocampus during a novel memory task”



Nov 4, 2020
Nicole Dusang
Brown University
“Brain-computer interfaces: bridging the gap of neurological disease and illness”



Nov 11, 2020
Jessica Sevetson, PhD.
UC Santa Cruz
“Development of coordinated activity of neurons and glial cells in brain organoids” 



Nov 18, 2020
Oluwarotimi Foloronsu
McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School
“Effect of NDMA receptor hypofunction on cortical parvalbumin interneuron development: implications for schizophrenia”