Two New Journal Clubs in NSB

The Synapses, Circuits, & Behavior Journal Club
Virtual meet time: Tuesdays, 1:00pm
Faculty leader: Joseph Bergan.

This course considers: (1) The molecular and cellular mechanisms necessary for proper development and function of synapses and neural circuits; (2) How information processing through neural circuits can be reconfigured and modulated to permit organisms to modify behavior; (3) How disruption of synaptic and circuit function contributes to brain dysfunction. Recent papers are selected by participants and discussed as a group each week.

Biological Rhythms Journal Club / NEUROSB 891C
Virtual meet time: Thursdays, 3pm-4:15pm
Faculty leaders: Ilia Karatsoreos and Stephanie Padilla

We will cover contemporary papers within the field of Biological Rhythms, based on the research interests of the participants. All participants will select a paper/s to present to the group, and we will work on presentation skills in an informal setting. Importantly, you will have the opportunity to think deeply about a new manuscript each week, with a broad range of techniques from the molecular to the behavioral, in a whole host of different organisms. Our group includes participation from postdocs and numerous faculty within the 5 Colleges, adding a unique depth of knowledge to the discussions.

We encourage new and returning students and hope to see you this fall.