Neurosciences Distinguished Lecture Series

The UMass Neurosciences Distinguished Lecture Series hosts the highest profile speakers within neurosciences that represent the largest breadth of the field.

Seminars are held Wednesdays at 4pm in 222 Morrill Science Center as part of the Neuroscience and Behavior Seminar Series.

The lineup for the 2019/2020 academic year is:

Sept 18
Larry Young
Emory University
“The Neurobiology of Social Bonding, Empathy and Social Loss: Implications for Autism”
Host: Paul Katz , Biology

Nov 19 (Tuesday) –in collaboration with MCB
Ed Boyden
“Tools for Mapping and Controlling Complex Biological Systems”
Host: Peter Chien, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Jan 29
Naoshige Uchida
Harvard University
“What does dopamine represent in the brain?”
Host: Joe Bergan

Feb 19
Eve Marder
Brandeis University
Host: Paul Katz, Biology

Mar 25
Lynn Nadel
University of Arizona
Host: Rosie Cowell, Psychological and Brain Sciences

Apr 8

Larry Abbott
Columbia University
Host: Paul Katz, Biology


Apr 29 

Hollis Cline
Scripps Research Institute
Host: Paul Katz, Biology