Neurosciences Distinguished Lecture Series

The Neurosciences Distinguished Lecture Series invites the highest profile speakers in the neurosciences to UMass that represent the largest breadth of the neurosciences.

Seminars are held Wednesdays at 4pm in 222 Morrill Science Center as part of the Neuroscience and Behavior Seminar Series.

The line up for the Spring Semester is:

Feb 13 
Archana Venkataraman

Johns Hopkins University
“Generative Models to Decode Brain Pathology”
Host Xian Du, Mechanical Engineering

March 20
Charles Lieber
Harvard University
Host: Jun Yao, Electrical and Computer Engineering

April 10

Marlene Behrman
Carnegie Mellon University
Host: David Huber, Psychological and Brain Sciences

April 24
Jeff Lichtman
Harvard University
“Connectomics: What, How, and Why”
Host: Paul Katz, Biology