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TeachOIT Podcast #1: Digital Storytelling

In this first episode of the TeachOIT podcast, Tony and JC discuss Digital Storytelling and share advice for instructors considering using it in their teaching. Listen to find out how Digital Storytelling is being used at UMass Amherst and how you can implement it successfully. TeachOITPodcast-DigitalStory01 (17 minutes)   Read more about Digital Storytelling on the TeachOIT blog.

Example Digital Stories from Anthropology 397MM

Elizabeth Krause shares with us this example of a Digital Story made in the fall 2008 semester for her course Anthropology 397MM: Memory, Narrative, and Culture. The Price Students Pay by Kelly Wilson wilson_121508 Check out more examples of digital stories made by Professor Krause’s students on their course blog: http://blogs.umass.edu/anthro397mm-ekrause-2/digital-stories-2/

Lessons Learned about Digital Storytelling

We had the opportunity to work with several classes last semester that were using Digital Storytelling for student projects. Here are some lessons we have learned that will hopefully help facilitate any Digital Storytelling project your students might undertake: Focus on the Writing.  The heart of digital stories is not in the technology tools used…

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Digital Storytelling Event March 2009

  Academic Computing is pleased to announce our first “Emerging Technologies and Pie” event of the semester, Digital Storytelling, on Thursday, March 26th, 1:00-2:15 p.m. Digital stories are short, reflective video pieces that traditionally combine photos, music, and narration to tell “real-life stories.” Most stories are 5 minutes or less and consist of compelling, emotionally-engaging personal narratives. This…

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Faculty Spotlight: Tom Schiff on Digital Storytelling

Aline Gubrium and Tom Schiff were two of the first people we know to use Digital Storytelling at UMass. A rather long time ago we had a chance to sit down and chat with Tom Schiff about his experience using Digital Storytelling in his teaching, here is the recording of our conversation. Our apologies to Tom…

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A Journey in Digital Storytelling

This past weekend Tony and I immersed ourselves in the incredibly transformative process of digital storytelling. We rode the Amtrak down to Philadelphia, PA and stepped into a group of 8 other folks with diverse backgrounds and intentions for developing a particular style of communication. The 3-day hands-on tutorial, presented by the Center for Digital…

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Web 2.0 Wednesday #4: Video in the Classrom, Digital Storytelling

We’ve already touched on the potentials of YouTube for locating educational materials, but a topic we have not directly addressed on this blog is the potentials of authoring your own video content, or having students author their own original video content. This week’s Web 2.0 blog post looks at incorporating video into the classroom, specifically…

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Next “Emerging Technology and Pie” Event: Digital Storytelling

Our third and final Emerging Technology and Pie event of the semester will be Thursday April 17th, 1:15-2:15. The topic for the event will be Digital Storytelling, our guest speakers are Aline Gubrium and Tom Schiff, instructors for Public Health course “Community Development in Health Education: Technological Approaches to Addressing Community Health and Social Justice.”…

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On the Horizon: Digital Storytelling

During our audio and video workshops this June we’ve seen several faculty give demonstrations of how they have their students produce short video or audio projects as assignments. In some cases, these are simple personal statements (several based their assigments on the format used in the NPR “This I Believe” Project), others had their students…

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