Presentation Design

Online tools for creating interactive timelines

An interactive timeline built using Tiki-Toki.

Have your students needed a visually compelling way to present their research on key events involved in a complex issue? Have you needed to organize and display multimedia material to show how an issue developed over time? In these kinds of situations, both teachers and students can benefit from using a simple intuitive tool to…

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Designing Effective Presentations

A screencast tutorial of our popular seminar “Designing Effective Presentations” is now available in four parts: 1. Designing Effective Presentations Part 1: Common Pitfalls and What to Avoid 2. Designing Effective Presentations Part 2: The Process for Planning a Presentations 3. Designing Effective Presentations Part 3: Visual Design of Presentations 4. Designing Effective Presentations Part…

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Screencasting 101

What is Screencasting? Screencasting is using a piece of software to record on-screen activities, frequently with narration, that can then be shared with an audience. Techsmith’s Camtasia is one popular tool for screencasting on which Academic Computing provides workshops, but there are a range of programs out there. When talking about screencasting, people usually differentiate…

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From the Instructional Media Lab: Presenting Information Effectively

Can technology really make learning easier? While there may never be a catch-all technology solution that will make learning easier for everyone in the classroom, there are some general principles to follow when designing instructional presentations that can at least help. The following suggestions are meant to cut across both technology-meager and technology-rich environments, and…

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