Audio & Video

Summer 2015 Workshops

Please join us for our Summer 2015 workshops, or contact us for one-on-one appointments to learn about a variety of topics, including: Building a New Moodle Course Intro to Video Editing: Final Cut Pro X Intro to Video Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro Screencasting with Camtasia (Mac) “IT Under the Trees”: Instagram Screencasting with Camtasia (Windows)…

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Fall 2014 Workshops & Events

We hope your semester is off to a great start! This fall our workshops focus on screencasting and video technology, but we are available to assist you with learning other new technologies. Please join us for our Fall 2014 workshops, or contact us for one-on-one appointments to learn about a variety of topics, including: Screencasting…

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Engaging with Storyboards

Integrating storyboards into a course or as part of a multimedia assignment makes a course more interesting and will engage students.  Storyboards can also be assigned to students as a tool for presenting a project.  Free storyboard templates and trail versions of storyboard creators are available to get you and your students started with this…

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Adding Interactive Features to YouTube Videos

Interactive videos keep the viewer engaged, help highlight critical points and can assess the viewer’s knowledge.  The annotation and spotlight options within YouTube can be used to link a series of videos you have created. [youtube][/youtube] Read more about YouTube annotations: There are also services designed to create video-based quizzes. Blubbr is a free…

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OIT’s First Video Community of Practice

On Friday, February 15 the Office of Information Technologies (OIT) hosted the first Video Community of Practice, a planned ongoing series of events to support and encourage faculty and graduate student research projects involving video and multimedia. Moderated by award by award-winning documentary filmmaker Sarah Elder, participants showed examples of their work, which included:

February 15th Video Community of Practice: Peer Forum with Sarah Elder

On Friday, February 15 from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m., please join us for a discussion of video and multimedia use for research, moderated by award-winning documentary filmmaker Sarah Elder. This is the first in an ongoing series of Video Community of Practice events hosted by the Office of Information Technologies (OIT) to support and…

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DMCA Copyright Exceptions: Increased Rights for Teaching with Video

By Jason Blanchard and Zach McDowell Earlier this week, the U.S. Library of Congress handed down a ruling that expands the circumstances in which academics can circumvent copy protection in order to use copyrighted materials for fair use. This ruling will significantly affect instructors using DVD clips and other technologies in their course.  However, the…

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Screencasting 101

What is Screencasting? Screencasting is using a piece of software to record on-screen activities, frequently with narration, that can then be shared with an audience. Techsmith’s Camtasia is one popular tool for screencasting on which Academic Computing provides workshops, but there are a range of programs out there. When talking about screencasting, people usually differentiate…

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