Digital Storytelling

Share with students: Seeking Student Applications for $2500 Digital Storytelling Scholarship

recording equipment

Please share this widely with your students. Students can submit their applications now. The application period closes Tuesday, December 13. The University of Massachusetts Amherst’s UMass Flex Initiative is pleased to kick off the Student FLEXperience: Amplifying Student Voices through Digital Storytelling in 2022-2023. All matriculated UMass Students are invited to propose Digital Stories to…

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The Story of Your Life on Earth

It’s no secret, we love technology here at IT (well, at least most of the time). We spend our days working with tech and assisting faculty and academic support staff. Quite often we’re tasked with predicting the future of instructional tech. We give presentations and teach about the newest and most promising instructional tools, we…

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Build Your Own Apps (Without coding!)

It seems, “to app or not to app…” is no longer the question. In a blink of an eye we turned into an app-savvy (or, some would argue app-dependent) society. Using apps in education became a common practice for many of us. It can be a great idea to have an app for some professional…

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Online tools for creating interactive timelines

An interactive timeline built using Tiki-Toki.

Have your students needed a visually compelling way to present their research on key events involved in a complex issue? Have you needed to organize and display multimedia material to show how an issue developed over time? In these kinds of situations, both teachers and students can benefit from using a simple intuitive tool to…

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10 Tips for Successful Multimedia Assignments

You’ve given your students an assignment that includes multimedia as a major or minor component (e.g., a poster, photo, or video project). What steps can you take to help them succeed? Dave Underwood, Academic Technology Consultant and blogger at the University of Colorado, suggests 10 key steps you can take to help students excel at…

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OIT’s First Video Community of Practice

On Friday, February 15 the Office of Information Technologies (OIT) hosted the first Video Community of Practice, a planned ongoing series of events to support and encourage faculty and graduate student research projects involving video and multimedia. Moderated by award by award-winning documentary filmmaker Sarah Elder, participants showed examples of their work, which included:

TeachOIT Podcast #1: Digital Storytelling

In this first episode of the TeachOIT podcast, Tony and JC discuss Digital Storytelling and share advice for instructors considering using it in their teaching. Listen to find out how Digital Storytelling is being used at UMass Amherst and how you can implement it successfully. TeachOITPodcast-DigitalStory01 (17 minutes)   Read more about Digital Storytelling on the TeachOIT blog.

Example Digital Stories from Anthropology 397MM

Elizabeth Krause shares with us this example of a Digital Story made in the fall 2008 semester for her course Anthropology 397MM: Memory, Narrative, and Culture. The Price Students Pay by Kelly Wilson wilson_121508 Check out more examples of digital stories made by Professor Krause’s students on their course blog:

Lessons Learned about Digital Storytelling

We had the opportunity to work with several classes last semester that were using Digital Storytelling for student projects. Here are some lessons we have learned that will hopefully help facilitate any Digital Storytelling project your students might undertake: Focus on the Writing.  The heart of digital stories is not in the technology tools used…

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