This blog is produced and maintained by Instructional Innovation faculty support staff at the University of Massachusetts Amherst for instructors who use technology in their teaching and research.

We started publishing in Spring 2007 as TeachOIT. Read our first post, our initial statement of purpose. In Spring 2015 we moved to blogs.umass.edu/instruct and changed our name to Instruct @ UMass.

Currently, this blog is used for announcements about technologies for teaching and learning which are provided through the university—our learning management system, blogging platform, lecture recording & video hosting, audience response (clickers), and video conferencing systems.

For more information on IT services for teaching and learning, visit Technology for Teaching & Learning.

For examples, case studies, and pointers on a wide range of approaches to using technology in teaching and learning, visit our website: Innovate @ UMass Amherst.

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