New! Digital Accessibility Toolkit: Spring Makeover Challenge

Join the Spring Makeover Challenge!

This is an asynchronous workshop that will be available during the Spring semester through the Canvas learning management system.

Join the challenge to explore accessibility strategies and apply them to one small chunk of content in your course. We also encourage you to share your reflections, strategies, and examples with your peers in the asynchronous discussion.

In the new Digital Accessibility Toolkit, you will find accessibility strategies, on-demand tutorials, and resources in these categories:

  1. Course structure and navigation
  2. Text and documents
  3. Audio and video
  4. Plain language
  5. Images and tables
  6. Colors and animation

How to Access the Toolkit in Canvas:

  1. Log into Canvas using your UMass NetID
  2. Use the same link to access the Digital Accessibility Toolkit
  3. The toolkit should appear on your Canvas dashboard

Technical Support:

If you need help accessing Canvas or any of the toolkit resources, please contact us at