Request Your Echo360 Courses

Just like Moodle or Blackboard, you need to request Echo360 courses in SPIRE each semester you plan on using it.

What is Echo360

Echo360 is the lecture capture and video streaming platform adopted and supported by UMass. Take a look at our Get Started with Echo360 page, or for a deeper dive check out our Echo360 lecture capture documentation

Echo360 classroom capture

If you are teaching in an Echo360 enabled classroom, you can have your class meetings automatically recorded and uploaded to your Echo360 course. Students can access the recordings to watch a missed lesson, review specific information, or to help study before an exam.

Reuse or upload recorded lectures

Even if you’re not in an enabled classroom, you can use Echo360 Universal Capture: Personal to record content in your office, from home, or wherever you have your computer. You can reuse content you create from a previous semester, or even upload content you use another platform, like Camtasia or Adobe Premiere Pro, to create.

You can automatically copy over cloud recordings of Zoom meetings, and even have them publish to your Echo360 course. This is especially useful for instructors who are using Zoom to run live online Flex sessions of classes.

Add transcripts and captions

One of the many features in Echo360 to enhance the student experience is the ability to generate transcripts based on the audio of a recording through a process of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR).

The transcripts that are created will be added to your Echo360 media, and will appear to students as interactive transcripts as they watch or listen to your recordings. Students can use the transcripts to study, and even search for key terms to be brought right to the point in the lecture where they are mentioned. The accuracy of transcripts generated this way will vary based on factors such as the equipment and recording space, the speaker’s voice and speech patterns, and the discipline-specific language that may be used. You will be able to edit the transcripts to make them effective study aids for your students.

Once you have edited your transcripts for accuracy, you can also add them to the media as closed captions for your students as well.


If you have any questions about Echo360 lecture capture, reach out to us at We’re happy to answer questions, or schedule a 1:1 consultation.