Check for iClicker Software Updates

Check if your i>clicker software is current:

If you’re using i>clicker 7 software, please run the “Check for Update” feature to download the most recent version of i>clicker 7. Staying current with the latest i>clicker release helps your classes run smoothly.

The newest available release is version 7.10. This is an optional update, however, updating to this version ensures access to the very latest features and fixes to recently identified issues. Full release notes are available here.

Is your Base Receiver up to date?

To keep it current, please download and run i>clicker Base Firmware Utility (currently v6.02. released Sept.29, 2015):

New to i>clicker?

To get started, follow these three steps:

  1. Add i>clicker student remotes requirement to your course in SPIRE: Click on Amazon CourseMaterials Request Tool in SPIRE. When prompted, log in with your UMass NetID and click on Add Book/Supply button. Search for i>clicker 2 remote by iClicker (ISBN: 1319152953) to add to your course materials request.
    Click here if you need help using Amazon CorseMaterials Tool.
  2. Contact the Instructional Media Lab ( to reserve a free i>clicker Instructor Kit and to schedule an i>clicker introduction session.
  3. Download the specific UMass Amherst i>clicker software here. Unzip and place the software folder in an easy to find location on your laptop. (Note: you can not use WebUpdate app previously included with the older i>clicker 6 software package to update to i>clicker 7 software, please download the new package from the link provided in step 3.)
  4. After downloading and opening UMass Amherst i>clicker software, please click on Help in the top menu and select “Check for Update” option to obtain the latest version of i>clicker 7. Most i>clicker 7 updates are optional, however we recommend that you keep your i>clicker software current to help your classes run smoothly.

A note on REEF, the Mobile Polling Option from i>clicker

i>clicker 7 is integrated with REEF, a mobile polling app that eliminates the need for the handheld i>clicker 2 student remotes and allows polling via mobile devices. REEF also allows live polling in remote locations (for example, you can run a poll in Amherst and Springfield at the same time).

Due to the limitations of the wireless network on UMass Amherst campus, currently mobile polling can only be used in a handful of academic buildings (such as the new Integrative Learning Center (ILC) classrooms, for example).

If you have questions about using REEF, please contact the Instructional Media Lab ( | 413-545-2823).