The Story of Your Life on Earth

It’s no secret, we love technology here at IT (well, at least most of the time). We spend our days working with tech and assisting faculty and academic support staff. Quite often we’re tasked with predicting the future of instructional tech. We give presentations and teach about the newest and most promising instructional tools, we advise on anything from choosing the best software for a class activity or teaching with mobile technology, to choosing the best video formats for research projects. When we navigate through our tasks, we always have the future in the main line of sight, but we also keep our eyes on the rearview mirror. We find it fascinating to see how much technology has changed in our lifetimes, and we often spend our lunch breaks making predictions how much more tech will change our lives in the future.

We would like to share an excellent piece of interactive multimedia from BBC. Take a look to find out how far you (and your trusted computers, phones and tablets) traveled through the Milky Way and how the world around you has changed in your lifetime.

BBC: Our life on earth: How you and the world have changed since you were born.

Best viewed on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 10 and above.

BBC Interactive